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We’re the exclusive domestic provider of the powerful CC4ALL Call Routing Engine.

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A seamless integration with Microsoft enables you to route calls to the best available agent. CC4ALL uses this powerful routing engine for all available channels, like email, Web Chat, or Social Media conversations.

Agent-Friendly, “Noiseless” Design

No distractions or clutter, only the features, and functions you require to make the best decisions. This allows you to collaborate and work as efficiently as possible.

Intelligent Call Routing

Seamlessly route calls from anywhere, anytime linking multiple contact centers and disparate agent locations into one unified system. Simple call routing workflow management takes a complex matrix of end points and connects them in an easy to manage web portal. Match agent skills to choices you give callers before entering a queue. Intelligently set up queues based on agent skill, language, or even specific channels for greater consistency in customer service delivery.


Professional real-time dashboards and historical reports are included for Voice, Web Chat, Email, and Social Media. The recent implementation of Microsoft Power Bi adds a complete and easy to read full dashboard functionality.


CC4ALL offers Omnichannel Contact Center capabilities, all managed from one central administration tool and one client.


Adds the functionality a Contact Center agent needs. This allows for many new and efficient ways for your Contact Center teams and groups to collaborate and improve performance.


Contact Center Software running directly from Dynamics. What could be more efficient for your sales teams than to place their outbound call directly from Microsoft Dynamics?


CC4Skype enables the enhancement and streamlines customer communication with Skype for Business, and it is also impressively intuitive.


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