Connect from Anywhere. Securely.

Enterprise Class Speed and Reliability on a cellular connection. We created NexConnect so businesses can manage their network autonomously and securely, all the way up to PCI Level 1, at a fraction of the cost of current solutions.

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Managed Cloud Firewall service that simplifies your business

We provide a PCI compliant firewall, cellular backup, a fully cloud-managed solution with full PCI DSS Compliance, WiFi, VLAN, and VPN features, as standard. Our staff of expert network engineers helps you standardize and manage your networks, saving you time and money. With the ability to monitor all your networks from an easy-to-use Portal, with in-depth usage reporting and real-time alerting, your team’s time is freed up to do other things. All with a flat monthly fee per location.

Scalable deployment that is quick and easy

Our onboarding process is so streamlined, we can roll out devices across your entire network faster than anyone. We have organized firewall deployments across hundreds of locations in a matter of weeks, which provides network security, network stability with our cellular connectivity, and an enterprise-class SLA, fast!

Integrated vulnerability scanning to meet PCI DSS and full PCI Level 1 compliance

Make PCI Compliance a breeze with our built-in PCI template system and vulnerability scanning. With our firewall platform, powered by Mako Networks, you will be able to get to compliant and stay there in no time. With integrated vulnerability scanning, we will keep you secure by identifying security issues and needed patches across all your hardware, while providing you with instructions to resolve conflicts. And when you need to provide all the needed documentation for certification, our QSA talks to your QSA, and it's done.

Hassle Free SD-WAN and painless VPN

Managing SD-WANs and VPNs at scale is a nightmare. Our solution configures them in minutes and works across the primary and secondary internet connections, so your systems stay up, no matter the connectivity situation. With extensive monitoring and alerting, you know about issues before your customers do.

Our Network

Unlimited 4G Data Connectivity.

Entry Level internet sucks. Its unreliable, slow, takes forever to get installed, and has no Service Level Agreement. So, we worked with the largest 4G/5G Carriers to provide an SLA Backed, Unlimited Data service for our clients. We are talking SLA Backed speeds up to 200MB/s, installed as fast as tomorrow, with no data caps, anywhere in the USA.

Remove the hassle of connectivity for your business

Umojo offers cellular connectivity on major US carrier networks at an affordable rate. Whether it’s for a location that cant get fast wired service, or as a backup solution to ensure connectivity, there’s no need to get stuck with long-term contracts or expensive cabling fees that you find with basic internet services. Umojo can get you set and quick on a month-to-month contract, as quick as tomorrow!

Ensure you get the best solution, no matter the complexity

Our US-based, certified network specialists will evaluate, document, and organize your networks and provide you with the right solution that provides consistent service to your locations. Ensure your operations are always working with affordable backup cellular connectivity. Configure sites to alert you when cellular is in use so you can act. Approve or disable traffic on demand with precision control.

Benefits of our Cellular Connectivity

  • Experts in cellular—customized to your needs
  • Premier support staff who understand your network
  • Consistent connectivity for all your devices or just the ones that matter most
  • Affordable internet connection in hard-to-reach places

Take Control with our Command Center.

For parking operators big and small, NexPark makes it easy to run your garage remotely with any existing hardware. Modernize and simplify your garage or let us help you organize your infrastructure so it generates the best return.

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