NexCity Background

Curb Management & Data Integration.

NexCity is a cloud-based platform designed to modernize your municipal parking infrastructure. Collect all your curb data and identify correlations between various operational activities. Using our CurbScore™ technology to analyze curbside activity by using the most accurate video analytics in the industry to make data-driven decisions leading to smarter curb management.
Measure. Analyze. Execute.

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Curb Management

Curb Management and Data Integration.

NexCity provides proven technology for managing curb use. Our simple Measure, Analyze, Execute philosophy gives cities the platform and processes needed to manage a complex and ever-changing curb environment successfully. We can digitize your parking asset by integrating your data with our analytics.

You Own Your Data

Integrate your data with whatever system you want, whenever you want with no extra cost.

Integrates with Everything

Your data works across platforms.

We’re Parking Professionals Who Get IT

We’ve worked in parking for more than a decade and know how to go to the last mile.


Our process is adaptable to the problem you need solved, but it usually goes like this:


We Inventory your Streets

An accurate inventory is the only starting place. Knowing your parking asset is the key to data-driven decisions.


We Make the Data Useful

Bring it all together. Parking meters, mobile apps, enforcement events. Organize the data for streamlined reports and insights.


You Get Control of Your Curbs

Develop optimal enforcement routes, Improve Vision Zero Initiatives, see how parking rates affect parking volume, process “what-if” analysis, and make informed data-driven decisions.

Our focus is on creating complete and efficient solutions that make complex operations easier to run.

The Platform

The Platform.

The NexCity parking data analytics platform is a centralized data warehouse that provides a consolidated view of all the disparate parking data silos in a city, including parking meters, mobile payment applications, enforcement systems and more. By utilizing our platform, we help prevent vendor lock, and provide the enterprise-level of security needed by cities today.NexCity Solutions Infographic


Integrate with Everything

Umojo fully supports the APDS standard and will bring all your disparate parking data together.

Curb Management

Our parking expertise gives us an edge in solving mobility issues cities face: revenue, congestion, and getting to vision zero. We’re energized by all that’s possible for smart cities enabling better management of public spaces.

Data Analytics and Reporting

At our core, we ensure data goes where it needs to so that the best decisions can be made using best-in-class forecasting, and visualizations, all under a single pane of glass.

Umojo offers call center infrastructure

Turn your call center into a resolution center by empowering your operators with secure and speedy access to the data they need to solve problems for citizens.


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The Technology.

NexCity helps cities collect data from the curb without requiring an expensive investment in new hardware. The solution can work with a City’s existing camera infrastructure or surveillance solutions to help you understand what is happening at your curb. We built our AI engine from the ground up on our parking expertise and to address the specific needs of Mobility. NexCity can identify vehicle types, vehicle logos, double-parking incidents, vehicle overstays, and more. We provide a record of the activity at your curb so administrators can make policy decisions based on actual data.


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