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Designed to play well with others.

Our platform is lightweight and can integrate in minutes with all major systems. Our success comes from our ability to be a part of an efficient tech stack that does exactly what you want and nothing more.

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When it comes to delivering for cities and municipalities.

"When researching a new intercom system, Umojo’s unique combination of hardware and software was a great fit. We wanted something cloud-based and customizable, yet easy for our Operations Center workers to take a call, document it quickly, have the info they need readily available but still simple to use. Umojo has worked out great!

Since we have installed it, we have found value in a few things we initially were not looking for. Because it’s cloud based, during the pandemic we were able to take calls from home. We categorize and log every call and use that data along with Umojo’s dashboard to bring better insight into our garages."

– Louisville

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Umojo integrates with multiple 3rd party vendors and devices, and is capable of integrating with anyone with an open API! Here is an example of a few:

  • Flash
  • Commend
  • Microsoft
  • Skidata
  • Tiba
  • Parkonect
  • Amano McGann
  • Cisco
  • Five9s
  • Viking
  • WPS
  • Axis
  • Salient
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When it comes to delivering for parking operators.


"The call center is so easy to use. Umojo knows their tech only works for me if my workers can use it. And it’s flexibility has allowed us to tackle unforeseen challenges and maximize our revenue through different market conditions."

Brian Tarbell – ACE

"We partner with Umojo because we always get a great ROI for all the projects they’ve helped us with. Simply put, we need someone who understands parking and technology and will be there when the rubber meets that road. Umojo delivers."

Travis Jarret – Premier

"Umojo brings expertise and common sense to solve problems in the most efficient way. They’re my secret weapon when I have a tough problem that needs attention."

Jason Peckham – REEF

"Umojo has products and solutions that are lightweight and easy to integrate. I like that they don’t try to lock me into a suite of services I’ll never use."

Chris Perry – Park Trans Solutions

"Umojo is the team I talk to when I have to get a garage up and running quickly."

Kevin Dahm – Parking Advisors

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When it comes to delivering for hardware resellers.


"Umojo knows how it will all come together and helps me find the best solution even when it’s something seemingly straightforward like a new intercom. They know I need everything to work on day 1 and always help me carve out the most efficient solution for my clients."

Ehren Kellog – Access Professional systems

"Umojo is my secret weapon. They know exactly the equipment that’s going to generate the best return for my clients and I’ve stayed with them through the years because they’re the smart partners I know I can trust."

Scott Souder – Mountain Parking

"When It comes to tackling complex problems with simple solutions, Umojo is who I want up to bat for me."

Harry Kat – ASPIS

"No one knows how to pull everything together like Umojo. They can unpuzzle really complex implementations and point out the value my clients are getting with laser-like precision."

Sean Connelly – Precision

"Umojo works with everything we have and we don’t have to pay more for that interoperability. It’s built in."

Harlan Karp – Parkonect

"We love working with Umojo. They know how to keep a garage running smoothly and efficiently with only the stuff my clients need and nothing they don’t."

Levi – TIBA

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