Privacy Policy.

Updated June 3rd, 2021

We have created this privacy statement to show our commitment to our customers concerning their online privacy and security. We want to stress that at no point in our relationship with you, will your information ever be sold or shared with any external company.

  • We have put in place access limits on your personal information. Only employees with a need to know will have access to your personal information. No employee of this company will have access to your payment information, and all such information is stored encrypted on our servers.
  • We use Industry standard SSL encryption to protect our data transmissions, as well as many important transactions you may conduct with us.
  • We are not responsible if users fail to safeguard their passwords, or uses a simple password (i.e. “password”). Nor are we responsible if a users computer is taken over by a Trojan horse program that captures information.

  • We reserve the right to place cookies on your computer in order to store relevant data.
  • At no point will the cookies contain any confidential information.
  • You may choose to not allow cookies on your machine by disabling cookies.

Information Sharing

At no point will we rent, sell or otherwise share your information to any external company. The only exceptions for this are:

  • We have written permission to do so, or receive electronic permission via email.
  • If we are required to by law, subpoenas, court order, or other legal process.
  • If we are acquired or merge with another company, we reserve the right to transfer your information to that new company.

Spam and Viruses
  • While we employ some of the most advanced spam and virus filters, there will always be times when spam and viruses may get through our system. At times such as that, it is the user’s responsibility to take preventive measures to make sure privacy data is protected and your machine is safe.
Your privacy is important to us!

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