Unmanning the Booth with Universal Technology.

We’re a leader in Omnichannel Customer Service in the parking industry, because of our command center that dramatically cut costs and makes parking easier to run for every operator. Our difference — lead with operational expertise, and not the desire to sell products. Partnering with operators small and large, we engineered a pragmatic platform, designed for the parking industry, by the parking industry. That means an easy-to-install Platform that quickly gets you up and running and generating returns with little training. It’s that simple.

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If you’re managing garages, lots, or meters at scale, we can help.

Nearly all major parking operators use Umojo. Everything works with U.

  • The industry standard in Omnichannel, Mission Critical, Command Center with more than 4,000 active locations.
  • 4 of the 5 largest operators use NexPark as their Command Center Platform standard.
  • More than 2 million calls are handled annually.

Umojo is about simplifying the complex. It’s about getting your technology working to make your business easier to run.

  • Any-cloud friendly
  • It’s your platform, it’s your data!

We’re focused on finding solutions. Even if they don’t involve our products.

  • Built for Teams, but fully integrated to Cisco and Five9’s Call Center systems
  • If we don’t have integration to something you need? We’ll build it!
  • Amazing integration to Office 365
Command Center

Call Center and Location Management in One.

Starting from the parking spot up, we designed an omnichannel command center with exactly what you need and nothing you don’t. No need to have two software systems, we give you a single pane of glass—take calls, track issue tickets, and run reports.

More Revenue, Less Training:
The NexPark Command Center

The best decisions happen when your staff has the best data. That’s what we make happen. We’re not just a command center solution, we are a customer service solution. The person that decides to raise your gate should have a stake in resolving issues before surrendering revenue.

Our Command Center is an intuitive web application that makes it easy for anyone to control your garage from anywhere at any time with our exclusive rules and workflow engine. Agents can be up and running in a matter of minutes and with minimal training.


Scalable with Minimum Infrastructure Requirements.

NexPark is a web-based call routing system that works with any analog or SIP based intercom. It has a ZERO footprint, hosted in the cloud, allowing you to get up and running with minimal investment.

  • No VPN Required
  • Customizable rules and fields engine to meet your needs
  • 95% uptime in our SLAs
  • PII Level compliant that keeps yours and your customer’s data safe
Remote Location Management

Reduce Labor Costs per Location Annually.

NexPark gives you the power to centralize the call routing of all your locations into one command center. With our integrations to all major parking equipment, a centralized store of information on how to handle any issue, and a platform with an SLA of 99.95% uptime. Our solution gives you the power to run a 24/7 operation at every garage, which used to mean having to staff each location 365 days a year. This cuts cost, improves reporting, and makes management easier and centralized.

Designed to Work with Anything, Anywhere.

Utilizing NexPark, we can turn any call routing scenario that exists into a flexible, scalable web-managed solution, hosted completely in the cloud. We hate when people tell you to “rip and replace,” we’ll work with what you have first.

It’s your Platform. It’s your Data.

Since its inception, our Platform has been designed around securing your data, and your customer’s data in a PII and GDPR Compliant central Data Warehouse that’s owned by you.

Built for Teams.

Fully Integrated to Cisco Enterprise and Five9’s Call Center Platforms

We built our platform fully integrated to Office 365, but we get it. You want flexibility, you want integration to your existing Call Center platform. We’ve fully integrated it into Cisco Call Center Enterprise, and Five9’s call center platforms. Call Control, Dispositions, Call Recording and Integrated Reporting. It’s all there!

Real-Time Reporting that Fits your Specific Needs.

Our reporting and analytics engine is completely web-based and accessible from anywhere. It provides a complete look into what is happening in your locations, with historical reporting.

  • Audio and video recording
  • Filter by Agent, Territory, Location, and more
  • Power BI Integration and API Based Integration with all data sets
  • Integrated Alerting system with Ticketing
Integration Support

NexPark fits what you have and integrates with nearly everything.

We designed our system with the parking industry in mind—legacy equipment, years of investment, and multiple vendors to support you. That’s why we work with it all!

  • HD Camera and NVR Integration
  • Full integration with all intercoms, Phone Systems and even Commend
  • Revenue Control Integration with all PARCS vendors
  • Full Integration with 3rd Party providers for monthly and Online Reservations platforms
  • Full integration with Service Now, Zendesk, and Salesforce
  • 100% API Driven to easily integrate with any platform

Our Hardware

Full US Based Customer Support with Specific Professionals in SIP/Telco/Access Control/Parking

NexPark is about going beyond industry standards, and to show you we mean what we say, we have staffed a full support team in the US that goes beyond our products. We know how well our integrations work that we will plan and support call integration of your sites and work on management and deployment with you. This saves you labor costs and helps us prove that we are the best choice—a true win-win.

Modular for Any Other Call Center Need

Looking for more than a Parking Command Center? We can use our other NexComm modules to configure it for nearly any situation such as 311, Monthly Parking, or anything you can think of.


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