Hardware that works with everything.

Umojo is Universal.

Our focus is on making your business easier to run; not locking you into our product line. Over the past decade, we’ve worked with operators, resellers and consultants of every stripe to create stable systems that get in market quickly and generate the best returns.

We can also handle licensing issues from other manufacturers, to ensure they work within our systems.

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Camera Systems.

You probably don’t need a 2-way video interface to remotely resolve issues at your garage. But you do need tech that will keep your garage safe, secure and able to operate remotely. Our systems combine industry-leading uptime with solution-specific technology that give you everything you need and nothing you don’t.


It doesn’t matter what you’re currently running, our intercoms will work with any major system. Like everything else we do, Umojo intercoms are designed to address parking challenges and make these businesses easier to run. Our focus is on solutions not products.

  • Zero Footprint
  • Call Control
  • Revenue Integration
  • Umojo Voice Cards

Better Revenue, Easier Operations.

For operators big and small, NexPark makes it easy to run your garage remotely with any existing hardware. Modernize and simplify your garage or let us help you organize your infrastructure so it generates the best return.

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