Curb Management & Data Integration.

NexCity is a cloud-based platform designed to modernize your municipal parking infrastructure. Collect all your curb data and identify correlations between various operational activities. Using our CurbScore™ technology to analyze curbside activity by using the most accurate video analytics in the industry to make data-driven decisions leading to smarter curb management.
Measure. Analyze. Execute.

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Curb Management

Curb Management and Data Integration.

NexCity provides proven technology for managing curb use. Our simple Measure, Analyze, Execute philosophy gives cities the platform and processes needed to manage a complex and ever-changing curb environment successfully. We can digitize your parking asset by integrating your data with our analytics.

You Own Your Data

Integrate your data with whatever system you want, whenever you want with no extra cost.

Integrates with Everything

Your data works across platforms.

We’re Parking Professionals Who Get IT

We’ve worked in parking for more than a decade and know how to go to the last mile.


Unmanning the Booth with Universal Technology.

We’re a leader in Omnichannel Customer Service in the parking industry, because of our command center that dramatically cut costs and makes parking easier to run for every operator. Our difference — lead with operational expertise, and not the desire to sell products. Partnering with operators small and large, we engineered a pragmatic platform, designed for the parking industry, by the parking industry. That means an easy-to-install Platform that quickly gets you up and running and generating returns with little training. It’s that simple.

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If you’re managing garages, lots, or meters at scale, we can help.

Nearly all major parking operators use Umojo. Everything works with U.

  • The industry standard in Omnichannel, Mission Critical, Command Center with more than 4,000 active locations.
  • 4 of the 5 largest operators use NexPark as their Command Center Platform standard.
  • More than 2 million calls are handled annually.

Umojo is about simplifying the complex. It’s about getting your technology working to make your business easier to run.

  • Any-cloud friendly
  • It’s your platform, it’s your data!

We’re focused on finding solutions. Even if they don’t involve our products.

  • Built for Teams, but fully integrated to Cisco and Five9’s Call Center systems
  • If we don’t have integration to something you need? We’ll build it!
  • Amazing integration to Office 365

Connect from Anywhere. Securely.

Enterprise Class Speed and Reliability on a cellular connection. We created NexConnect so businesses can manage their network autonomously and securely, all the way up to PCI Level 1, at a fraction of the cost of current solutions.

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Managed Cloud Firewall service that simplifies your business

We provide a PCI compliant firewall, cellular backup, a fully cloud-managed solution with full PCI DSS Compliance, WiFi, VLAN, and VPN features, as standard. Our staff of expert network engineers helps you standardize and manage your networks, saving you time and money. With the ability to monitor all your networks from an easy-to-use Portal, with in-depth usage reporting and real-time alerting, your team’s time is freed up to do other things. All with a flat monthly fee per location.

Scalable deployment that is quick and easy

Our onboarding process is so streamlined, we can roll out devices across your entire network faster than anyone. We have organized firewall deployments across hundreds of locations in a matter of weeks, which provides network security, network stability with our cellular connectivity, and an enterprise-class SLA, fast!

Integrated vulnerability scanning to meet PCI DSS and full PCI Level 1 compliance

Make PCI Compliance a breeze with our built-in PCI template system and vulnerability scanning. With our firewall platform, powered by Mako Networks, you will be able to get to compliant and stay there in no time. With integrated vulnerability scanning, we will keep you secure by identifying security issues and needed patches across all your hardware, while providing you with instructions to resolve conflicts. And when you need to provide all the needed documentation for certification, our QSA talks to your QSA, and it's done.

Hassle Free SD-WAN and painless VPN

Managing SD-WANs and VPNs at scale is a nightmare. Our solution configures them in minutes and works across the primary and secondary internet connections, so your systems stay up, no matter the connectivity situation. With extensive monitoring and alerting, you know about issues before your customers do.


Introducing NexComm powered by CC4Teams.

Choose the best performing integrated Microsoft Teams Contact Center Solution.
Microsoft Teams | Native | Omnichannel Contact Center Solution

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Enhanced Teams Functionality

NexComm enhances Microsoft Teams with features and adds additional functionality to use Microsoft Teams as a full Contact Center Solution.

Better Customer Engagements

NexComm enables companies to interact more effectively and efficiently with their customers through omnichannel engagement options.

Meaningful Reporting Tools

NexComm enables managers and business owners to have a real granular overview of their business's performance through enhanced reporting tools.


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